Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cold, snowy eastern Tennessee

We've had more snow this winter than in the previous three winters combined. We're enjoying it, though of course things like schools and churches tend to shut down sooner here than in northern Canada where we used to live. There was a time when I considered this laughable, but after hitting the ditch myself a couple of times on invisible ice--and remember, we have LOTS of steep slopes around here--I have become a bit more understanding.

Husband gave me a tip recently on the best way to safely navigate a very steep and twisting driveway in slippery winter conditions: put the car in neutral, then use the brakes to "inch" to the bottom of the hill. He explained that this way, the car will roll more gently and come to a stop faster than if it is in gear. Otherwise, even in low gear, the car will fishtail every time you apply the brakes, which can be disconcerting at best and disastrous at worst if the driveway is both very narrow AND located on the edge of a sheer dropoff, as many driveways are around here. Husband claims he learned this from my father (who never taught it to me, because I didn't learn to drive until long after I left home.)

Try this and see if it helps--I plan to, the next time!