Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bluegrass musicians in coloured pencil

This is a drawing I finished--if any original artwork can ever be called "finished"--a couple of weeks ago during a drop-in artists' get-together I sometimes participate in. The musicians in this picture played at our Farmers' Market a couple of summers ago; they were "busking," or collecting donations in the violin case on the ground in front of them. I gave them a dollar and asked them to play me a tune, which they did. They told me they were booked to play at a wedding later that day. We haven't seen them at the Market since, but everyone wishes they would come back. I was, however, able to take some photographs, with their permission, and this is one of the results.

Farmer's Market, Spring 2009

The Farmers' Market is now open, and you are all cordially invited to come down, look around, enjoy the ambiance of an open-air market where just about everything sold is either grown or made by those selling, and buy something--you'll almost certainly find at least one item you either want or need.
Be sure you check out Jerry and Shirley Witt's home-canned vegetables, preserves and relishes. Their chow-chow (available in several "hotnesses") is delicious on a peanut-butter sandwich, though they gave me a rather strange look when I told them so. Here you see Shirley arranging her display under the interested eyes of several potential customers.