Monday, May 5, 2008

The beautiful spring in eastern TN

Husband and I finally realized (or decided) that the "Bird Sanctuary" signs posted at the city limits around this town refer, in fact, to the entire town. That's why there are so many birds singing up a storm during all hours of the day and night in our neighbourhood. It's like paradise. We recognize robins, jays, cardinals and mockingbirds, but some I don't know. I especially enjoy the mockingbirds because they're so multi-talented, even if they do pester our cat when she ventures outside. To my knowledge she has never made a single move in the direction of their nests this year or last year, yet they feel they must harass her on sight.

Sitting on our big Southern front porch in the early hours of the day, drinking tea, reading, praying and looking around at our colourful neighbourhood is made even more enjoyable by the presence of these noisy birds. I'm reminded of Thomas Alva Edison, who was almost completely deaf as a result of an accident in childhood. He used to tell people that he didn't mind being deaf; he said the silence helped him think better. Later in life, however, he wrote, "I haven't heard a bird sing in forty years." Well, the sound of birds singing may be background noise to some people, but when I think of Mr. Edison I appreciate the birds, and my hearing, even more.

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