Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunday Gardener papier-mache doll

Just posting a picture of this one because I think she's pretty. She displays a lot of handwork: hand-crocheted lace and hand-worked beading on her blouse, for example, not to mention her sculpted paper-mache head. Her hair is natural golden brown llama wool. Her arms are painted cloth.

All the fabric used in this doll is recycled.

You can see a few more images of this doll at my Etsy shop (see link, above right).


Nenya said...

Good Lord, I wish I knew doll collectors to point in your direction--people ought to be lining up to buy this stuff. She's beautiful! Especially the embroidery at the neck. :D :D :D

Barbara Bell said...

This doll sold in June! I went to a doll collectors' club meeting and someone bought her. She's one of my favourites so this made me feel good.